Firefighter Depression: Top 5 Signs You Need to Watch For

1Firefighter depression still persists as a problem and is often not being dealt with in the fire stations all over the country. However, hundreds of these firefighters took their lives during the past years. Here, we will tackle about the common five signs of a firefighter depression that must be warned of most especially if you know someone who has experienced a post-traumatic stress syndrome. If it happens that you witness some firefighters having these kinds of signs, then step in and help them.



The first one is anger. Lots of first responder ptsd who are having depression exhibit this form of emotion. Almost all of their co-firefighters stay away from them since they do not want to be that person’s subject of anger. However, this matters should be managed appropriately because nearly ten percent in Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance records collection of suicide indicates that firefighters not only took their lives but also their partner’s. The data does not mean that all firefighters who feel angry always will kill somebody, it goes to show that anger should be managed by all people at some point of their lives.


An impulsive behavior is another sign. This sign is being perceived in firefighters though not acclaimed as a sign of depression. Lot of family members and the firefighters themselves have observed these type of changes though they haven’t realized that there may be some issues in it. For example is a firefighter that didn’t support the utilization of guns, who haven’t bought one and also didn’t appreciate why people purchase it, but there comes a day when they purchased a gun as well as boasted it in the fire station.


The third sign is sleep deprivation. Sleep loss as well as oversleeping are both key signs that an emotional issue is happening to the life of an individual. Human beings are not only affected by the usual activities and problems going on in our lives but also because of the personal issues that have scarred us deeply. Pay attention for your friends as well as the people you love that shows signs of problems in their sleep, and you should also watch yourself too.


Fourth is loss of self-assurance with their skills. Lots of firefighters exhibit a loss of self-confidence even in doing the simplest parts of the job and exhibit firefighter depression. Loss of their identity as well as in their confidence with their abilities may be signs that they are experiencing a depression or even a suicidal ideation.


Lastly, is the isolation. When a member of your firehouse isolate from the other members, letting them act like that because you are thinking that they are having some issues at home is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, this is the most appropriate time to lend them our hand. If they want you to stay away, then be polite and express that you can be there if they want someone whom they can talk with. This can help in breaking down their wall as well as bring them in talking out their problems.

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